St Mark’s Youth Group is a place to come together to enjoy being with friends in a comfortable, accepting , caring , non judgemental environment where we can grow in our relationship with Christ and each other.

Our weekly get together is filled with social interaction and great activities !! There’s movie night, games night, special activities like bowling, skating, music and shows, hiking, hay rides, BBQs and retreats just to name a few. We have guest speakers come to visit to share information with us on many current topics.

Helping us to grow in our Christian journey and strengthen our relationship with God we have small group sessions where we can openly share our highs and lows and discuss God’s presence in our lives. We receive great support and guidance from visitors such as youth ministers, priests and the N.E.T (New Evangelization Team) .

The St. Mark’s Youth Group is committed to reaching out to our community with love and kindness. There’s parties and visits with seniors, working with outreach programs, participating in the Guignolee and Christmas Baskets , supporting the Knights Of Columbus and of course being active within our own parish events, again just to name a few.

Let’s PRAY and WORSHIP together – please come and join us !!

S-ubmit to God "James 4:7-8"
E-xamine your heart "James 1:19-21"
R-each out to others "Mathew 25:31-40"
V-alue others above yourself "Romans 12:10"
E-xemplify Christ "1 John 2:3-6"
St. Mark's youth group

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Peace and Prayers